Therapy and counselling for Businesses

Nowadays, many of us spend more than half of our time in the workplace. This state of affairs means that our main relationships and the way we perform are closely related to the work we have chosen. The way an employer takes care of the psychological well being of an employee is crucial, and affects not only the day-to-day atmosphere in the workplace, but also has an impact on the business success as a whole. Therefore our practitioners are aware of the strong need to develop a specific approach towards those whose psychological well being may be negatively affected and whose performance in the workplace might be further developed. We understand that working under pressure and working for long-hours in a diverse group of people is not an easy task.

We offer counselling and therapy services for businesses in order to maintain the well being of their employees, and help the organisation to achieve the best possible results. Some issues that might be related to work are:

     Anxiety and depression



     Communication in groups


     Control issues

     Performance in the workplace


     Stress management

     Time management



Such counselling for workplace issues is beneficial for the employer, as it may:

     Positively affect high staff turnover

     Reduce absenteeism

     Increase the level of communication

     Affect the psychological atmosphere in the workplace

     Increase the level of job commitment among employees

     Significantly increase job efficiency