Clinical Supervision

At Art of Thought we are happy to provide an effective, structured and relationship-based clinical supervision for other professionals within our field. We all respect the Code of Ethics of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and constantly practice under supervision, according to these standards. Some of us have already completed, or are in the process of completing the Supervision Skills Training accredited by the BPS.

Are you a trainee or already a qualified professional? We would be delighted to build up a professional relationship with you.

In our practice, we take three main approaches to supervision:

     Person-centred psychotherapy

     Psychodynamic counselling

     Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy


As some of us take an integrative approach to our work combining these three approaches, we are also able to provide integrative supervision if required.

The session will take place in our main office and last for 50 minutes. Pricing depends on the practitioner and timing.

Please contact us to arrange a session or send your request.

For those who require more information about Clinical Supervision, please see these links below:

Research Supervision

Many Art of Thought practitioners have come a long way with their own research before achieving their professional qualifications. Having the experience of the whole process, we understand how difficult, demanding, complicated, and unreachable it might seem for those who are just beginning their research journey. We feel that providing research supervision in a safe and comfortable environment, with an insightful and encouraging professional who has experienced the same difficulties, could be a fantastic opportunity for trainees to gain better understanding of:

     The purpose of their research (ideas, contribution to the field, personal meaning)

     Formulating a main research question, or questions

     Epistemology, methodology and method

     Their literature review and the best way to present it

     The Ethical Standards for academic research


We provide individual consultations when required, however we also run group sessions for researchers from different Universities, who would like to engage with each others’ research. The group session is designed to help everyone, regardless of the stage they are at with their research.

Please contact us for more information about the research supervision group sessions, or book an appointment with us for an individual consultation.

The fee will depend on the practitioner and visiting time.