Psychosexual and Relationship Clinic






Art of Thought opens its low-cost Psychosexual and Relationship Clinic for individuals and couples on the 1st of October. We are accepting requests and bookings now. We are aiming to provide a professional and affordable service.

Sexual problems take many different forms - are very common - and often worrying to individuals and couples. Some sexual problems are medically based but often the causes are psychological and treated successfully with psychosexual therapy. The list below covers some of the main issues:

  • General breakdown in a couple’s relationship
  • Loss of Sexual Desire
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Delayed Ejaculation
  • Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Sex Avoidance
  • Vaginismus (Genito-Pelvic Pain Disorder/Penetration Disorder)
  • Anorgasmia
  • Sex Addiction
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Infertility and psychosexual problems
  • Paraphilias

What is Psychosexual and Relationship Counselling?

Psychosexual counselling works on the underlying causes of sexual difficulties, which are often based on stress, performance anxiety, intimacy issues, depression, boredom or problems in the relationship. We work together to discover the sources of the problem, gain insight and develop techniques for overcoming sexual difficulties. It is also an opportunity to explore the psychological causes of your sexual difficulties with a professional and to help determine whether medical testing may be beneficial.